Business transformations. Accelerated.

Ämplify offers professional services and leadership for significant business transformations.

Our competitive advantage is a unique combination of experience with proven methodologies, tools and techniques.

About us

Ämplify offers professional services and leadership support for significant business transformations.

The best business transformations

  • Change people’s thinking and behavior.
  • Deliver measurable and high business value.
  • Utilize data in fresh, competitive ways, including AI accelerators.
  • Simplify IT and process landscapes, reducing operative costs.
  • Generate social gravity and appreciation.

We specialize in planning and leading business critical transformation journeys, such as large M&As, business turnarounds, ERP transformations and enterprise operating model changes.

Our competitive advantage is a unique combination of experience with proven methodologies, tools and techniques.

Ämplify wishes to become a gravity company for experienced and energetic consulting professionals with market relevant skills, sharing our values.

We hope to be part of important transformation journeys, amplifying our customers’ success and leaving a positive mark on everyone with whom we interact.

Living the values, enjoying the work and growing the social gravity leads to great things. Please, reach out if the above resonates with you!

Our Values

  • Trust and respect
  • Achieve
  • Collaborate
  • Smile

Our Values

  • Trust and respect
    • Trust and respect are in the heart of everything we do.
    • We foster trust by being reliable and transparent.
    • Our customers can trust that we deliver what is agreed upon, and even more.
    • We are respectful to all, no matter how challenging the situation.
  • Achieve
    • We have a passion for reaching demanding goals and delivering valuable outcomes.
    • We demonstrate competence, effort, and resilience.
  • Collaborate
    • Customer success comes first, and we guide our customers to the best outcomes.
    • We work together with all involved parties, for the benefit of the customer.
    • We share ideas and best practices.
  • Smile
    • We find pleasure in meaningful assignments and delivering the results.
    • We enjoy continuous learning.
    • Smiling is not the opposite of achieving results; on the contrary, it complements them.

Ämplify team’s involvement in selected cases:

15 B€

15 B€ acquisition, IT Day1 and Post Merger Integration PMO, 90 countries, 100.000 employees. Supply chain and procurement PM.

ERP transformation

Planning and leading a business-critical ERP-transformation Program including a cloud-ERP and data platform with multiple surrounding business applications.

Program Health Check and Turn-around

Health Checks and turn-arounds for several troubled programs, ERP Program Health Checks

Competitive bidding

Orchestrating competitive biddings (RFI, RFS, RFP) for technology and supplier selections including running. Contract values in tens of millions.

Global ERP carveout

Finance PM and PMO Lead for one of the world’s largest and most complex ERP carveouts at the time.

Global IT organisation outsourcing

650 IT professionals outsourcing, new IT operational model, change leadership.


1 B€ acquisition, IT Day1 and Post Merger Integration PMO, 5 countries, 10.000 employees’ takeover.

Global merger and business transformation

Global merger, IT Day1 and Post Merger Integration PMO, 30 countries, 16.000 employees, 5B€ turnover. ERP landscape renewal.

Global business transformation

Vision creation and program planning for a mission-critical global business transformation, enterprise resource planning, impacting 2.000 employees.

Global business transformation

ERP roadmap and data strategy creation to enable major business transformation journey.

Who we are?

Lauri Eskola
Managing Director, Partner

With over 20 years of experience in leadership and consulting, I am the co-founder and managing director of Ämplify, a company dedicated to digital transformation.

My passion lies in leading our clients through their complex transformation journeys. I excel in addressing challenging projects with practical planning and energetic leadership. My approach combines fact-based analysis with a deep understanding of each client’s unique business needs.

As a certified SAFe® 5 Agilist, I specialize in applying agile principles to complex projects. My expertise includes business analysis, process improvement, customer relationship management, ERP program management, and strategic development.

Committed to creating a positive impact, I continuously seek to learn, collaborate, and innovate, contributing to the growth of businesses and the wider community.

In addition to helping our clients to succeed, I’m committed to growing Ämplify into an inspiring community of great professionals.

Petri Malmelin

I am an experienced entrepreneur with a 25-year track record in leading change and providing consulting services. I am thrilled to be a co-founder of Ämplify!

My professional expertise centers on executing major business transformations. I have played a pivotal role in six international M&As. Ämplify’s Best Practice Transformation -tools represent a compilation of key insights gained from these experiences.

I am passionate about designing and implementing impactful change initiatives, collaborating closely with the customers and other involved parties.

I advocate for human-centric transformations where data and technology serve as catalysts for the change. Successful transformations, after all, are the ones where people change their thinking and behaviors. I have ADKAR change management certificate and enjoy reading leadership books.

I keep myself updated with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and technologies enabled by data – simply, because the greatly competitive value can be distilled from data.

Ämplify journey has just started – I’m excited!

Joining us?

Do our Values resonate? Do you have sound experience in planning and leading transformations? Do you have own specialty area where you wish to flourish? Business transformations, M&As, ERP journeys?

Let’s be in touch!